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General Contractor in Grayslake, IL

Warren Edwards Builders has been in business for over 56 years. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation in the community for quality workmanship, value, customer loyalty, and longevity in this challenging market. Our strengths include leadership, experienced employees, and knowledgeable subcontractors and suppliers.

“WEBUILD” is short for Warren Edwards Builders, Inc. Warren Edwards started our company in June of 1959. His son Carlton, familiarly known as Chip, took over operations in 1985, and became President when his father officially retired in 1996. Chip has been in construction for over 30 years, working for his father, on his own, for a commercial contractor traveling the midwest, and as the head of our company.

Grayslake, IL Contractor

Our office in Grayslake, IL

We are a small company, so Chip deals directly with everyone involved in the process of turning ideas and sketches into a masterful finished product – customers, architects, surveyors and engineers, building and zoning officials, suppliers, and all of the skilled tradesmen on the job. His assistant, JoAnn, works full time in the office to support operations, and answer calls and emails. Our workmanship, reputation, and word of mouth are our only advertising.

Please call our office at 847-223-0123 if you have any questions.

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